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I’m 28 years old and I’ve been writing since I learned how to type. I grew up in Texas but I lived nearly 5 years in the belly of the liberal beast, Maryland. Through my writing, I hope to convince readers of the truth and help to reverse the suicidal momentum of the present. As Francis Schaeffer wrote: “Any ways in which the system is still working is largely due to the sheer inertia of the continuation of the past principles. But this borrowing cannot go on forever.” Check out my blog, "Life's complexity and mortal weight."
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The enemy

Once upon a time, Americans wouldn’t vote for a Catholic for president because it was feared he’d take orders from the Vatican. Now, Islamists openly declare jihad on our laws and customs and no one bats an eye. In fact, we subsidize their subversive activities: A Muslim preacher has been secretly recorded explaining to followers … Continue reading

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Ferguson, America

The people have to want peace in order for the police to provide it. Kevin Williamson writes at National Review: The first order of police work is, according to [Sir Robert] Peel, “to prevent crime and disorder, as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment.” The second principle is … Continue reading

Defilement is progressive

Why hasn’t Hollywood produced a rom-com about a Nazi soldier murdering the Jewish boyfriend of his secret crush? It’s comedy gold! Jill Filipovic reviews a “rom-com” about abortion: Yes, Obvious Child is an abortion film. But it’s primarily a film that tracks neatly with romantic comedy construction and finds authenticity and humor in some of … Continue reading

“Confederate” Redskins

One PC barrier “overcome” in the figure of Michael Sam wasn’t enough to sate Mike Wise’s appetite for “progress” in the NFL. Last week the Washington Post sports columnist disowned the Redskins, conceding the team and its fans to the “Confederacy,” making Redskins fans cry. All this over a name and regional resentment over lower … Continue reading

Win or go home

It’s that simple. Kill the enemy, or retreat and fortify. It makes no sense to sacrifice blood and treasure without intending to finish the job you came to do. We’ve done neither since President Obama announced the “surge”—and subsequently undermining it by announcing a withdrawal date—opting to stay in Afghanistan to train the enemy. It’s … Continue reading

Hell is self

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition with my girlfriend and her family, and I was touched as for the first time by this scene: The Return of the King is such an epic, emotional movie, it’s easy to forget the first installment in The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterpiece … Continue reading

Perverse courage

Michael Sam, whose greatest accomplishment is being gay, was honored at the ESPYs for his “courage.” Sam’s powerful message: “To anyone out there, especially young people feeling like you don’t fit in, or are not accepted, great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself.” What does “being yourself” mean? Liberal trendsetters … Continue reading

Winning and losing Iraq

Megyn Kelly’s obtuse question grabs the headline, but Dick Cheney’s rationalism prevails: Saddam Hussein had a track record that nearly everybody agreed to. We had an overwhelming vote of approval from the Congress. More votes for the action than we’d had in Desert Storm some ten years before. Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, numerous others, spoke … Continue reading

This is not…

This is not a sign language interpreter. This is not a U.S. congresswoman. This is not a debate. These are not the foundations of a civilization that wants to survive.

There’s power in the blood

Government healthcare is working out swell for veterans. The VA requires its hospitals to provide care to patients in a timely manner, typically within 14 to 30 days, [Dr. Sam] Foote said. According to Foote, the elaborate scheme in Phoenix involved shredding evidence to hide the long list of veterans waiting for appointments and care. … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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