No country for Christian men

Wednesday at church, we heard the most riveting speech by a guest speaker so far this summer. It was about how Christians should do politics. The country hasn’t been this polarized since the Civil War, he said. In an aggressive secularistocracy, the devout Christian bears increasing hostility and ridicule.

You can see the effects in conservatives’ splintering support for marriage. The splintering is on a number of issues, but none more so than marriage. The heat is particularly strong on that front. Have conservative converts to an—at best—libertarian position on marriage done so out of principle, or out of fear of being left behind, of being excommunicated from polite society forever? I’m not talking about a difference in tactical approaches to saving marriage. I’m talking about a political “evolution” out of genuine fear.

Stella Morabito writes:

People become less focused on truth and more focused on their social survival. And once people perceive the PC view as dominant, many with opposing views remain silent out of fear of social isolation.

Human beings tend to comply very quickly when threatened with labels of vilification—i.e., “bigot” or “hater”—that serve to get one socially labeled as a non-person. That’s because we know and fear social ostracism as a death trap. We have a primal, hard-wired response to this risk that is especially hard to resist when our public discourse is commandeered by thought policing.

Facing such trial and torment, one wishes he was not burdened with the truth or the mission to spread it. The guest speaker at church quoted Jeremiah’s complaint to God:

O Lord, you have enticed me, and I was enticed; you have overpowered me, and you have prevailed. I have become a laughingstock all day long; everyone mocks me.

For whenever I speak, I must cry out, I must shout, “Violence and destruction!” For the word of the Lord has become for me a reproach and derision all day long.

If I say, “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,” then within me there is something like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.

Hold it in, Jeremiah, or pay the price. Todd Starnes of Fox News reports Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk was relieved of his duties by his lesbian commander for not disciplining an instructor who disagreed with homosexuality. This happened at Lackland Air Force Base, known bastion of sexual restraint.

I’m confused. How does pushing acceptance of homosexuality square with the military’s simultaneous effort to clean up sexual harassment of recruits? It’s like plugging a leak in a dam while opening another. What’s the point? How does this help the military’s mission?

That depends on what you view the military’s mission is. If you guessed the military’s mission is to defeat the enemy, you’d be mistaken. Since President Woodrow Wilson resegregated the military, progressive Democrats have long used the military to conduct its social experiments.

It’s easy to predict how this experiment will end. As our increasingly mixed-gender military becomes more ambivalent to troops’ sexual discipline, reports of harassment as well as consensual incidents will continue to rise and trust will erode.

Monk has served as a first sergeant at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio since 2011. He recently returned from a deployment and discovered he had a new commander – an open lesbian.

“In one of our first meetings, she was talking about her promotion and she mentioned something about a benediction,” Monk told Fox News. “She said she wanted a chaplain but objected to one particular chaplain that she called a bigot because he preached that homosexuality is a sin.”

“She then said, ‘I don’t know what kind of people actually believe that kind of crap,’” Monk said, recalling the meeting. “I knew I was going to have a rough time in this unit and I would have to be very careful what I said.”

May I be so bold as to ask how a lesbian got to be a commander in the Air Force in the first place? I have no proof, but I suspect she benefited from the same willfully blind, politically correct regime that promoted mass murderer jihadist Major Nidal Hasan.

Monk’s glib lawyer asks, “Are we going to have a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy for Christians so we don’t get harassed for our beliefs?” Um, yeah!

Baptist military chaplains are worried. They should be.

Recent months have brought challenges on many fronts as chaplains face navigating their ministry in light of the military’s repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the U.S. Supreme Court’s abolishment of the Defense of Marriage Act and other religious freedom issues facing chaplains and members of the military.

The decisions and changes mean chaplains might be asked to perform marriages for same-sex couples as well as counseling, marriage retreats and funerals. There are also concerns about whether military chaplains will be able to quote certain Scripture passages without facing disciplinary action for offending homosexuals.

Rod Dreher surmises:

What we’re seeing is the next phase of life in post-Christian America, in which people who really believe in Christianity have to learn to live in a pluralistic culture in which historical Christian norms not only cannot be taken for granted, but which may be radically opposed to the majority culture. Christians are going to have to learn what it means to suffer for the faith — though not, I believe (and certainly hope) to the degree that the early Church did — while keeping their hope and their openness to a world that increasingly sees them as aliens, even hostile aliens. They will also learn what it means to raise children who can successfully resist assimilation into the larger culture.

About Joseph Dooley

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been writing since I learned how to type. I grew up in Texas but I lived nearly 5 years in the belly of the liberal beast, Maryland. Through my writing, I hope to convince readers of the truth and help to reverse the suicidal momentum of the present. As Francis Schaeffer wrote: “Any ways in which the system is still working is largely due to the sheer inertia of the continuation of the past principles. But this borrowing cannot go on forever.” Check out my blog, "Life's complexity and mortal weight."


One thought on “No country for Christian men

  1. I know you are right, Joseph Dooley. America is more than ripe; it is rotting. Soon we will see freedom of speech and freedom of religion terminated, and children in public schools will be questioned about their parents beliefs as required by the Common Core Curriculum. The Gestapo will come to the door. If persecution doesn’t silence us, prosecution will follow. We must be silenced!

    Posted by Linus | August 16, 2013, 12:01 am

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