New Mexico’s Proposed New York Style ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Tabled in Committee

A Freedom Killing Bill Defeated

Today there is good news for New Mexico gun owners and other citizens who value their freedom.  HB-402 has been tabled in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee with a three to two vote.  Representatives Alcon, Harper and Anderson voted against the bill while Representatives Caballero and Chasey supported the bill.

Alcon, the committee’s Democratic chairman, gave the following statement:

“I don’t think this is the time for this legislation right now.  I think something is going to be done on the federal level”

– New Mexico Watchdog

HB-402 was introduced by New Mexico Representative Stephen Easley (Democrat- Dist. 50), and would have restricted the rights of those who already have what is deemed an ‘assault weapon’, making it illegal for New Mexicans to own an assault weapon after July of this year.  More details of the bill, and the bill in it’s entirety, can be seen in this blog’s article from Monday.

After strong opposition to HB-402 by conservative Republicans, libertarians and Tea Party members across the state the Republican Party of New Mexico took a stand against the bill with a email newsletter on Wednesday encouraging Republicans to contact the Representatives on the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.

If you would like to send feedback to the Representatives on the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, as is encouraged, you can reach them using information which can be found here.

Another Bad Bill

As yet the Republican Party of New Mexico as well as most Republican Senators have remained silent in regard to HB-77 a bill which was would force people buying guns at gun shows to submit to background checks for nearly any weapon purchased.  The bill also has new mental health powers handed over to our court system which concern many people across the state because the legislation’s terms are not clearly defined.

For more information on HB-77 see this blog’s article from earlier this week for more details on HB-77 and Governor Martinez’ statement of support.  After passing the House with the help of eight Republican legislators lead by Republican House Minority Whip Gentry, many conservatives confronted their legislators on the matter.  The responses of the Republican legislators were varied, but rather disappointing.  One gave a response stating he felt supporting the bill was fine because he would maintain his NRA rating.  After this blog (and others on Facebook) suggested those who supported HB-77 were Benedict Arnolds, Republican Representative Alonzo Baldonaldo, released a statement on Facebook denying accountability to those who elected him, then deleting comments which criticized his position.


Contact Senators and send a clear message that you oppose HB-77.  The Republicans must maintain a strong stand against this bill restricting our second amendment rights and we need Democrats to as well.  Contact the Senate here.

*   *   *

Secondly, Governor Susana Martinez has said she would support HB-77.  Her office needs to hear from YOU.  Her office phone was kept busy yesterday as citizens across the state called to voice their opposition of HB-77 and HB402.
Call governor Martinez today!  505-476-2200 Or email.

*   *   *

Lastly encourage the Republican Party of New Mexico to oppose HB-77:

Albuquerque office number: 505-298-3662

Email: administrator [at]

More contact info.

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