Liberal Philosophy: Good vs. EVIL


Liberals, Obama especially, believe that they, everyone who shares their philosophy, and every group they support are inherently good. In other words they believe that, since birth, they have been sent down a path of goodwill and righteousness where deviation is only possible if their celestial, can do no wrong, bodies are acted upon by an outside force.

The most recent case in point is former L.A. police officer, accused killer, cult anti-hero, and real world Rambo, Chris Dorner, who has earned a troubling amount of esteem and sympathy from people on the left for gunning down three innocent people in cold blood.

I guess shit can’t get too real when the progressive cause is as noble as fighting corruption in da LAPD. (h/t Twitchy).


Apparently the left didn’t get the memo that killing is wrong 100 percent of the time but, what can we expect from people who threaten the NRA, laugh at and mock abortion, ignore Benghazi, and celebrate the murder of American hero, Chris Kyle because of its irony, poetic justice, and that it is lol funny? Sadly, putting liberal ideology not only above right and wrong but above life itself  while giving liberal scumbags a pass to make villains of conservatives is nothing new.

Remember when ABC’s Brian Ross frantically goggled Aurora, CO shooter James Holmes in an effort to associate him with the inherently evil radical right Tea Party?

Remember the Family Research Council shooter,  Floyd Lee “Bible bad bit killing good” Corkins II? He was portrayed by manyon the left as a decent and well meaning LGBT volunteer who was forced off his inertia free path of goodness and light by the hatred of an organization that believes in biblical family values.

And what about the peace loving Muslims who were set to honor the memory of those killed on 9/11 by holding somber yet uplifting candlelight vigils throughout the world? According to liberals, their sublimely altruistic plan to gather the world together under an umbrella of religious and ethnic solidarity was sidetracked by a You Tube video forcing them to do the unthinkable.  Remember, liberals like them so they are incapable of doing anything wrong unless they are forced to by evil conservatives or rank injustice.

On the other side of the liberal good/evil coin resides the scourge of all mankind, conservatives, who personify all that is bad in the world. While a conservative might occasionally trip and fall into something good, noble, decent, or worthwhile, everything they do, say, and stand for is firmly rooted in evil. At their core, conservatives are wicked, greedy, woman hating, homophobic, and racist therefore liberals attribute every word, thought, deed, or action to one of these inherent attributes?

A couple years ago Sarah Palin put targets on her Facebook page along with a note titled “Don’t Get Demoralized!” Now, anyone with more than two brain cells could easily understand the meaning of the post but, according to liberals with pre-existing PDS, the message was simple. Sarah Palin is evil and she point blank asked her followers to kill people, period. Case in point, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district.  There is nothing inherently wrong with targets unless they are used by evil conservatives in fact, when  morally pure liberals use targets, the reference is easily understood by all as a harmless metaphor.

Conservatives are not as easily understood as liberals because they never say what they mean or mean what they say.  Due to their nature they are so unable to refrain from hateful rhetoric they must resort to using secret words to communicate with each other in a manner designed to be undetectable to everyone around them.  Fortunately for all of humanity, and aided only by the birds eye view from their moral high horses, super smart journo-lefty cryptographers like Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews were able to crack the dog wistle code.

The inequity of liberal philosophy is why the morally refined Bill Mayer can call Obama “one black ninja gangster president” and get away with it while Newt Gingrich says “food stamp president” once and is ostracized.  Just imagine what would happen if any prominent conservative said the same words Maher did?  The meaning would change entirely just because they were uttered by a conservative.  The consequence of this is that everything liberals say is either pure unmitigated genius or a justifiable statement against institutional unfairness as in Dorner’s manifesto while any meaning in a conservative message is lost because their words and evil inspired rhetoric are used by the left to bludgeon and discredit the conservative messenger. Imagine for one send what it would be like if Dorner was a conservative worshiping conservative? Swap Pierce Morgan with Rush and Hillary with Romney in a similar manifesto. Wouldn’t everything about the coverage be different?  Remember when Romney spoke out against Bengazi before the election?

Was Romney’s response to what happened on 9/11 bad, wrong, inaccurate, or out of line?  Or, was so much time spent discussing it because of who said it? And what about the prayer breakfast speach by Dr. Benjamin Carson the other day? Were the challenges to Obama and his “leadership” objectively offensive or, are they being labeled as such because of who they are directed towards and where they came from?

Fact, during the campaign, Obama could have said “fair blah blah blah, tax the rich, blah blah blah, middle class…” and  be thought an economic mastermind while Ryan could have delivered a brilliant financial dissertation and all liberals would talk about is “woman hater, homophobe, throw granny off a cliff, racist…”

When one side of a message is  praised half the time while the other half of the time is spent demonizing everyone who disagrees, we end up with only one message being heard. And the message we hear is, Obama is a great and noble leader and everyone who challenges him is offensive, racist, wrong, and not even worth listening to.

The opinion of dissent is only a big deal because certain evil and hateful conservatives try to make it one which would not be the case if the whole of humanity would just fall quietly and humbly in line behind our king.

How did we get to the point where one side of a debate can declare themselves so morally superior they can do no wrong while the other side can do no right?  Not only is this un-biblical, it’s mind numbingly illogical.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 (NIV)

Image:  The White Spy and the Black Spy, from Antonio Prohias’ Mad Magazine comic strip.

Read more from James Alfred here.

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4 thoughts on “Liberal Philosophy: Good vs. EVIL

  1. Great thoughts. But that is coming from an evil conservative!

    Posted by Cucciolo | February 12, 2013, 9:32 am
  2. Once in a while I try to figure out what is going on in the head of a lefty liberal. I think they see themselves as saviors of the poor and of the downtrodden. Yet their voluntary, charitable contributions are only a fraction of what conservatives give. They are guilty of self-deception. They attribute their own penchant for plunder to the most noble qualities of character, and they attribute a conservative’s defense of the rights of liberty and property as selfish and ignoble. Are we all blind? Not me!

    Posted by Linus | February 15, 2013, 9:10 am
  3. For Leftists, having a Marxist ideology is virtuous. Character is secondary.

    Posted by Joseph Dooley | February 27, 2013, 4:09 pm


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