Pick up your toys and go home Karl Rove

mzl_jvcadunn_1024x1024-65Karl Rove’s new ‘Conservative Victory Project’ earns conservative ire

(h/t Washington Post)

Fresh off last week’s criticizing of Ann Coulter for RINO-izing Marco Rubio because he suggested that conservatives need to embrace some sort of amnesty to solve our global embarassing immigration situation. I am now turning my own personal ire to 1 ea. been wrong about almost everything since Bush left office/self appointed voice of the GoP establishment, Karl Rove for his latest effort to further fracture the conservative movement.

The same establishment who pulled all support from Todd Akin during the 2012 Missouri Senate race for an abortion gaffe thus handing a very winnable race to the arguably corrupt, gun grabbing, Obamacare groupie Claire McCaskill.

The problem I had with Coulter is that she spoke for unwavering ultra-conservatives who are unwilling to budge from their ideal of a resurrected Reagan and too quick to paint pragmatic leaders with creative solutions, as unelectable RINOS worse then John McCain or George Bush whose democrat appeasing and high spending ways should have taught a moronic nation a lesson. Karl Rove is the opposite extreme of Coulter and his MOA is summed up, here.

“Republicans already fear conservative candidates will hurt them in 2014 races.”

Really, what does this statement even mean?

Didn’t the GoP establishment run a weak sauce candidate who was a RINO and not conservative enough in 2012? How did that work out Mr. Rove, huh?

Didn’t the GoP establishment doom the Akin campaign to failure in Missouri by kicking him to the curb and handing the Wicked Witch of the Midwest a Senate seat? Weren’t sucktastick messaging and a rush to appear more centric the reasons for failing a solid, albeit verbally clumsy, conservative? Were these the first salvos in the official Rove v. Reality war on conservatives or, was eight years of George Bush meant to soften us up and start us down the path toward Democrat friendly Socialism?

Problem too many conservatives have is that they have trouble seeing the political dynamic in this country for what it is which, unless we get a clue, will end up dooming us all to live under a perpetual leftist regime.

The United States is divided nearly in half with conservatives on one side and liberals on the other and that is all there is to it. Problem for conservatives is we have, individuality, differences of opinion, intelligence, personal issues of importance, and differing versions of what we think is best for the country. The other side however, consists of a unified mass of zombies that, for all that is wrong with them, are all on the same page.

Under the umbrella of conservative we have Evangelicals, Libertarians, atheists, pro-life, pro-choice, fiscal conservatives, social liberals, legalized pot advocate and opponents, Jews, people who support Israel, people who are OK with Iran having a nuke, and people who have varying opinions on how big and intrusive the government should be.

*Note to Libertarians. If you couldn’t find it within yourselves to support the only candidate with a chance of winning because your conscience wouldn’t allow it, you failed and reality wants to see your conscience on the playground after school.

Under the umbrella of liberal there are people who believe everything they are told, have zero idea their policies have always failed, think everyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist, and will show up to vote because of gay marriage, dollar menu meals, free contraception, tampons, binders, Big Bird, and because Jamie Foxx told them to.

Right up to the 2012 presidential election I debated with dozens of well meaning Libertarians who refused to vote for Romney because he did not fit neatly into their whacky and narrow-minded philosophy. Sadly, they did so without being able to wrap their heads around the idea that a vote for Gary Johnson and/unwavering loyalty to Ron Paul and his refusal to endorse the non-Marxist best choice was, in fact, a de-facto vote for Obama.

Also, right up to the election I saw, heard, and talked with many conservatives that couldn’t vote for Romney because of Romneycare which made him a worse RINO than Bush. “I held my nose and voted for McCain, but I am not going to make that mistake again, we need to send the establishment a message”, they would say.

Well, the messages were received loud and clear by the Marxist who we, by our own failure to unite, gave a second term. Yes, there is voter fraud to consider but we still failed.

Fact, with all the good and well intentioned nuances that exist on the right today, we will never, ever, ever, find, primary, and nominate a candidate 100 percent of people who call themselves conservatives 100 percent agree with, we need to get used to that and accept it as reality instead of waging an all out war on those who should be on our side.

Simply put, conservatives need to get together and focus on the aspects of conservatism that we have in common instead of those that drive us apart or in 2016 we will be in-fighting and fussing over the fact that Rubio was in favor of amnesty back in 2013, Rand Paul is a tad crazy like his old man, Ted Cruz is too conservative, or Paul Ryan isn’t legit because he failed last time he ran for national office.

Meanwhile, the democrats will come together in a united front of low-info dumbass that will be climbing all over themselves to get the best seat on the Hillary 2016 bandwagon without thought, reason, logic, or common sense.


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2 thoughts on “Pick up your toys and go home Karl Rove

  1. J. Alfred, you are absolutely right! I fell into this idealogical trap many years ago when I supported Governor George Wallace for president. My Republican relatives told me I was just throwing my vote away, but I couldn’t see it. I became active in the American Independent Party and became a delegate at their national convention in Cincinnati. I saw back-room dealing and crony politics in that idealistic new party. It will never end! Later, I saw the Texas runt, Ross Perot, deliver elections to Bill Clinton. Third-party politics don’t work for conservatives! Get over it.

    If Republican platforms mean anything at all, we need to stand on it firmly united. I have no doubt that Mitt Romney was and is committed to the Constitution of the United States. I have no doubt that he supported and supports the Bill of Rights. This should be the Republican litmus test. Obama stands openly and overtly opposite these values. It should have been a no-brainer, but we allowed the Dems to divide and conquer. I fear that Republicans who wait for the Republican Messiah will continue to bury the “lesser of two evils” in every election, and allow the “greater of two evils” to put an end to the great American experiment.

    Posted by Linus | February 6, 2013, 7:07 am


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