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2nd Amendment and gun control: More or less Wyatt Earp’s?

-by Geoff Caldwell-

NeigborsGunFree1-300x257If you could have more or less Wyatt Earp’s in your town would you want them? Would you thank them for helping to fill in the gaps that even the best police force in any town cannot fill or would you deem them “extremists” and “radicals” and ask them to leave?

(PUBLISHER’s NOTE: Said question arose in the commentary section of yesterday’s reprint of Blaine Cornelius’, Joplin Globe column. The “Anson” referenced is fellow Joplin blogger Anson Burlingame who publishes at his own “I’m Not Sure Are You?” site, analysis and thought on national and international issues of the day. While Anson and I are both staunch fiscal conservatives we do have our differences from time to time on social issues. The current gun debate is one of those times. What started as a responding comment to him, turned into the column below. For additional background and context I stronly urge you to read Anson’s “Needs and Wants” column and the dialogue that ensued. There, you will find strong, passionate disagreements put forth in a way that only the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of these United States can offer. So with all the disclosures fully disclosed, the Corner presents yet another chapter in the still unfolding play: “to gun, or not to gun”.)

Anson, I am so sorry. I did not realize the situation in your neighborhood had become so uninhabitable. Just how pray tell do you even manage to leave the driveway with all those “Wyatt Earps” out there “parading” around? Just how do you overcome the fear of what they might do if you bump into one on the sidewalk?

I guess I’m just lucky because my weekdays are spent downtown around “gun free” courthouses and government buildings that are all clearly marked to keep those “Wyatt Earps” away. (No “nut” would ever, ever use a gun in a “gun free zone” now would they? Oh wait………)

Yes, the sarcasm is real, no it is not directed personally, merely rhetorically.

For your own reasons, you have very strong passions against guns. I get that, so do millions of others. On the flip side however, and especially in this country, tens of millions of others also have a very strong passion FOR their guns.

And no matter what the media hype, it is only a small percentage of those gun owners that have concealed carry permits allowing them to “strap on” and “parade” around at will. Yet in the grand scheme of things I’d rather see MORE Wyatt’s on the streets than less.

Those Wyatt’s have had to go through quite a process to just exercise a right that until not too long ago was just a given. They do it not out of some “shoot em up” cowboy mentality but out of personal responsibility for their own and their fellow citizens safety.

The hypocrisy of the political left spreading fear among the populace about “guns” carried by responsible law abiding citizens but then ignoring the highest crime rate, highest gun infested cities in America because they are liberal, Democrat controlled cities, has always amazed me.

I’m a firm believer in the Constitution and the circumstances and thoughts that went into it’s creation and ratification. I find those “old white guys in their wigs” wise beyond their years for giving birth to that document of “negative liberties” the left loves to hate. (And it is those “negative liberties” that are now the only thing standing between our freedoms as founded, and the “enlightened vision” of a centralized, governmental authority dictating what it deems “best” or “needed” throughout each and every minute of our daily lives.)

The “problem”, myself and other 2nd amendment advocates have with the Feinstein’s of the world is that they are using the very real gun violence problem to end-run the Constitution to achieve their gun control agenda.

You are absolutely correct, we do have a gun violence problem in this country. We also have a traffic death problem, a medical mistakes problem, an obesity problem, etc..etc..etc..

If the logic of the Feinstein’s and Cuomo’s of the world was applied to the other “tools” that cause far, far more deaths in this country you’d not only not be allowed to purchase the car of your choice you’d have to hire a government approved driver to operate it; there’d be no need for Obamacare because since the doctors are doing the killing the doctors need to be “controlled” and would be removed from the situation; no need to worry about your weight because since food was the cause of your obesity, that too has been removed for your “safety”. (And I’m not even going to get into the “logic” of a President hiding behind children for his gun agenda today but who just a few years ago demanded a viable newborn human be left to die rather than be allowed medical treatment that could save its life because ‘it’ was only clinging to life because of a botched abortion.)

The gun logic of the left says take away the tool and the problem goes away.

Yet we have thousands of years of human history that shows the problem will not go away. The problem today is a societal problem far broader and far deeper than any “take away the guns and all will be fine” cookie cutter solution can ever solve.

For the past 50 years in this country, American society has devolved into an anything goes, no consequences, I want mine NOW, entitlement society of one special interest after another suing one after another for infringing upon their “rights” to be a parasitic idiot.

For the “rights” of the mentally ill we make it virtually impossible to stop the real nuts from cracking open in public before they do.

For the “rights” of the atheists we remove the reminders of morality and responsibility from our public schools, squares, and memorials.

For the “rights” of the different, we enact illogical laws and regulations that drain the pockets of society while lining those of the lawyers.

For the “rights” of those who won’t help themselves we give them EBT cards to buy soda and junk food at expensive convenience stores and call those who suggest restricting such use to actual groceries at the lowest cost “mean and uncaring”.

For the “rights” of feminists we mandate that contraception and abortion medication be provided “free” for all and by every employer no matter the trampling upon the 1st amendment consequences.

For the “rights” of the Hollywood political donors, we retain their tax breaks but raise them on everyone else.

For the “rights” of violent video game producers we cite the 1st amendment but send a nobody video maker to jail for “insulting” radical Islamist.

For the last half-century the liberal left has been demanding “rights” for the special and dismantling the rights of the normal.

And now that the divisive and terribly damaging results of that “work” is showing itself front and center in every state, county and town across America what does the left do? Blame guns.

Of course it’s the guns. It HAS to be the guns. It’s the only thing they’ve got.

It can’t be society itself. It can’t be the very society, they themselves have meticulously manipulated and pushed for. It MUST have a scapegoat.

It’s not the nut jobs eating the garbage the left spews out, it’s not producers making the garbage the nut jobs gobble happily for hours upon end, no, the problem today is anyone who dare call out the insanity for what it is. They become the “nut jobs”, the “extremists”, the “radicals”.

It’s straight from the pages of Alinsky but dare even mention that name to the dwainbwains and……..surprise………you’re the radical! Why? Because you dared to learn for yourself, to read for yourself, to see for yourself that what the emperor said he was wearing was never there in the first place.

That for all the promises, all the hype, all the hope and change pushed by the left these past decades all the nation has gotten in return is an empty bank account, jails overflowing and minions by the millions wanting “more”.

If the left is as successful implementing it’s “improvements” over the next 50 years as it has been the past 50, I’m not only not worried about the Wyatt’s, I want a helluva lot more of them.


One thought on “2nd Amendment and gun control: More or less Wyatt Earp’s?

  1. WOW! talk about hitting the nail on the head.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I”m going to pass this entire article along…

    Posted by minute-man | March 9, 2013, 11:50 am

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