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Conservatives Need to Give on Amnesty


Obama’s Immigration Plan Is Not That Bad

National Journal

Far be it from me to give President Obama credit for anything but yesterday while unveiling his immigration plan he, accidentally maybe, spoke an undeniable truth.

[With 11 million illegal immigrants] “woven into the fabric of our lives,”

Which is exactly, although worded differently, what Marco Rubio said on Wednesday when he was pitching his plan to Mark Levin and called the current system “de facto immigration,” meaning that by not enforcing current law we are already giving those here illegally a free pass.

Good, it seems Obama and Rubio are on the same page; problem now is how to get everyone else there too. They key here is compromising and giving up some of the hard-line conservative views for the good of the country, Rubio acknowledges that too.

“It doesn’t feel right in some instances to allow people who have come here undocumented to be able to stay. I know some people are uncomfortable with that notion,”

It doesn’t feel right and it shouldn’t feel right because it’s not right, not in the least but it is necessary and if we are honest with ourselves, it has to be done.

Get it conservatives, IT HAS TO BE DONE.

If we lived in a progressive utopia where if you vote straight line Democrat all the time and where anything and everything is possible if you only wished upon a star hard enough the immigration problem would be super easy to fix.

All we would have to do is build a time machine, go back 100 years and implement immigration policies that would prevent the mess we are in right now but, that’s crazy, right?

Yes but, the second craziest thing is to believe it is possible to go after 12 million illegals armed with nothing more than a conservative attitude problem the size of Texas and an almost robotic repeating of “shamnesty” “shamnesty” “shamnesty”…

Like both Obama and Rubio said, we are living with de facto amnesty right now and there is nothing we can do about it until all of us accept that as a fact. Yes, this sucks and yes, people will necessarily get a pass of some sort but we cannot ignore proposals that leave immigrants that are already here right where they are simply because conservative talking points require it. Somewhere between what Senator Rubio and the president are suggesting lies the solution America needs and throwing people out isn’t part of it.

As nonsensical as the time machine idea was, the mere thought that 12 million people can be found, rounded up, booked in some fashion, and escorted back to Mexico is just as bad and will never, ever happen due to time, resources, money, and sheer logistical impossibility. Conservatives are going to have to give this one up, the illegals are simply not going anywhere.

Good news is that we are not the only people who are going to have to suck it up and take one for the team, progressives will too and maybe even more so.

First, all talk of immigration policy having anything whatsoever to do with race or racism has to stop and stop now, this is nothing more than an Alinsky tactic to anger the opposition and divide the nation. If you believe that immigration has anything to do with race, fly down to Guatemala with George Lopez and try to sneak into Mexico from the south. How friendly and accepting do you think the Federales will be because Mr. Lopez looks like they do?

And while we are banning decisive dialogue, let’s also dis the absurd talk of $9 lettuce and jobs Americans won’t do, both are Radicchio.

Second, the border must be locked down so every person crossing is screened 100 percent of the time.

Third, identity and citizenship must be able to be positively verified by law enforcement and employers on all people with questionable status, period. If point one is adhered to than this is a common sense issue instead of a racist issue, right?

Fourth, get Mexico on board and work with them to fix the third world Hell south of the border. People do not flood across the border because they are somehow destined or driven to be lifelong criminals, they do it because Mexico sucks.

And finally, everyone needs to stop blaming the other side. This problem is due to decades of inaction and voter appeasement by elected officials from all parties. I am a lifelong conservative and will always be the first to admit that George Bush didn’t do shit for immigration or Mexico other than yuck it up over fajitas with Vincente Fox at the Walker Texas ranch.

And no, before conservatives who read this get pissy, I’m not calling for a wholesale abandoning of conservative principles. What we need is for everyone to step out of their dogmatic alternate reality, compromise, and find a pragmatic solution to a massive problem that requires both sides giving a little.

Anything less than that will necessarily require us to talk the talk that appeals to our respective bases while kicking the can down the road for another 100 years while de facto amnesty continues largely unchecked.

Read more from James Alfred here.


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