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American Rewind: A refresher on guns and the 2nd Amendment

-by Geoff Caldwell-

This latest installment in the Corner’s “American Rewind” series provides some much-needed reason and historical context to the 2nd Amendment and its importance to our past, our present and our future.

With the Obama administration and it’s allies on the left now hell-bent on using the Sandy Hook tragedy to push their gun control agenda in virtually any way possible, it is only a matter of time before any objective perspective on the broader issues becomes consumed by the flames of demagoguery currently being fanned.

I could cite statistic after statistic, show chart after chart, provide link after verifiable link of real and factual data showing how Dianne Feinstein’s most recent gun grab legislation would have not only NOT done anything to prevent recent tragedies, it would also provide as much extra safety for future Sandy Hook students as a paper doll with a squirt gun.

But when it comes to gun control, the emotions run higher than high, hotter than hot, and reason and logic are no match for the rhetoric and hype of Dear Leader’s army.

And if this past November showed anything, it was that in this current state of educational deficiency, reason and logic have been banished to the wastelands by millions of minions willing to sacrifice liberty and freedom for “phones-n-stuff”.

“Cool”, absolutely thumped “correct” and there is no evidence such shallowness of thought is going to turn anytime soon.

The best conservatives can do at this point is relentlessly counter the hyperbole with fact after fact and historical context after historical context while the truth behind Obama’s policies has time to be fully exposed for the unworkable, unsustainable frauds that they are.

And it is that philosophy that is behind the Corner’s “American Rewind” series. Using the “who we are as told by who we were” framework, the voices and lessons of the past provide context and explanation for where we are today.

Today’s installment is a power point sideshow currently making its way into inbox’s around the internet. The author is a man stated as John Santanen and his primer is titled: “A Refresher Course on Firearms”.

The subject line in my email reads: “Best slide show on guns I’ve seen”

I could not agree more, and after you view Mr. Santanen’s work I have no doubt you’ll agree.

It won’t stop the battle being forced by the left, but it is a powerful weapon of truth that can be shown to those who have not yet completely drowned themselves in the Kool Aid.

You may view or download the emailed powerpoint here.


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