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Obama doubles down on division

-by Geoff Caldwell-

ObamaMath-300x300The man that has done more to divide us than any President in American history during his first term, has made a conscious decision to double down on that strategy for his next four years.

Obama won his first term by trashing Hillary Clinton and dividing the Democrat party against itself.

He then spent that first term solidifying his bid for a second by pitting one American against another with one polarizing attack after another.

And he won his second by fomenting a summer of discontent, demonization and demagoguery on a scale never before seen.

With innuendo, obfuscation and outright lies, Obama and his machine convinced just enough Todayer’s and ignorants that a decent and honorable man by any objective standard was really evil incarnate just itching to send them all to hell.

That is Barack Hussein Obama. That is who has always been Barack Hussein Obama. And that is who will always be one Barack Hussein Obama. (Remember, this is the man who started his political career by throwing a fellow democrat under the bus for crying out loud.)

So for those of you shaking your head in wonder over the nominations of less than stellar candidates for State, Defense, and Treasury, you can quit now. It is planned, it is wanted, and it is coming straight from the top.

The telling moment came on the January 9th edition of Morning Joe in this exchange between co-host Mika Brzezinski and Politico’s chief politico reporter Mike Allen regarding the just announced nomination of former Nebraska Senator and quasi Republican Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense:

MIKA: “Mike uh, Republicans have signaled that it could be a tough confirmation process for Chuck Hagel, we were talking a lot about this yesterday, uh also some other nominees as well, but you say the White House is looking forward to these fights, why would that be?

MIKE: No, that’s exactly right, this is a real window into why the President uh, made this tough choice of Chuck Hagel and that is we talked to people around the White House who said that the President wants fights with Congress
 The President wants fights with Congress. And there’s both a short term strategy here and a long term strategy. In the short term, the President wants to take advantage of the fact that he’s the only person in these negotiations who’s not running for re-election. So he can afford to be tough, he can afford to stand up for what he says. Second, simple contempt by the President, he..these uh Republicans who lost to him so badly in 2012 in his view just won’t take yes for an answer. So there’s a little bit of exasperation by the President, but pull back the camera and you see the bigger strategy which is looking ahead to the mid-term elections in 2014. By picking tough fights with the Hill, the President uh..uses his office to draw contrast with Republicans, it might make it easier for House Democrats to get a majority back in 2014. It’d be a long shot but that would bookends for the majority the President started his Presidency with….

In just the 9 days since that exchange Obama has:

Nominated political hack and personal White House “NO” man, Jack Lew for the job of Secretary of the Treasury. (A devout leftist, Lew is as much responsible as anyone for scuttling the previous “grand bargain” negotiations between Boehner and Obama.)

Held a press conference where after dutifully fear-mongering about social security checks and veterans benefits if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised went on to state that: “What I will not do is have that [debt ceiling] negotiation with a gun at the head of the American people,”. (And yes he chose those Chicago thug words just one day before his own Vice-President was to release his much touted report on gun violence.)

Two days after that, in a perfectly framed dictatorial moment, he surrounded himself with children to promote his vision of gun control. (A vision mind you that is completely blind when it comes to his political supporters in Hollywood and the video gaming industry.)

Even if you’re one of the misguided ignorants who gave Dear Leader another four years of playtime on the taxpayers dime the trend of the past two weeks should have you more than worried, it should have you down right scared.

For while you are hearing the superficial poll-tested words of “balanced, responsible, reasonable, and willing to compromise”, and think all would be fine if just those evil, racist, Tea Partiers would stop obstructing “progress” what you are not seeing are the tunnels of imperialism, elitism,cronyism, and outright selfishness that are undermining the foundational principles that got you here.

The rights and liberties that you take for granted today, did not come about because of the benevolence of a “cool and reasonable” politician, but are indeed given you by the millions who came before you. The brave “extremists” who dared to fight for, and yes die for, the “radical” idea of individual liberty, religious rights, and limited government.

That “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” should not be defined nor mandated by a centralized government but realized in the dreams and desires of each and every American.

That an independent people bound together by the single thread of freedom was far more desirable than a submissive society dependent upon entitlement.

So I ask you, each and every one of you, the Obama voter, please for the sake of the country you think you know, for the sake of the generations ahead of you and for the survival of your very own, do the one thing now that you didn’t bother to do November 6th, 2013. THINK.

THINK about your life as ruled by an omnipresent federal government intruding in upon every aspect of your personal life.

THINK about your life in an economy planned and controlled by central planners where it is they, not you that decide your employment future.

THINK about the future good that will never be done because of the billions upon billions in debt payments forced upon that future by the selfishness of today.

Not all of you are derelict sloths just wanting to live off others. Not all of you are mind mush minions unable to breath without Dear Leader telling you how. Not all of you are hypocritical elites out for only your temporary power at any cost.

I know, deep in my soul that SOME of you still have a brain, USE IT.

America doesn’t need all of you, she just needs some of you.

At a time when the country needs compromise, leadership, and statesmanship, Obama has chosen a path of combat, pettiness and selfishness.

You can continue to follow along like the good little minion you’ve been, or you can wake up to the reality in front of you, before your dreams of today turn into your worst nightmare of tomorrow.

In closing I give you the words of one of America’s more recent “radicals” that at the time the left loved to put down as “dumb and out of touch” yet was somehow smart enough manage an end to the Cold War and preside over the longest peace time expansion of the American economy since WWII, one Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of these United States of America:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Now ask yourself, does all the “gun to the head of the American people” demagoguery help or hinder the protection of your freedoms?


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