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For America 2013 Cometh Not Fast Enough!

Greetings from Ameritopia, the post Constitutional republic so aptly coined by the brilliant Mark R. Levin in his best-selling book of the same name!

As we head into 2013 and the looming fiscal cliff are there any two economists out there who can agree what this pending doom will mean for America? Should we sell all our stocks, purchase guns, gold, and ammo and wait for the coming Obamapocalpyse!

Or after the initial pain of higher taxes and forced spending cuts will it actually lead to a more fiscally responsible house in Washington?  With Obama as our President and his merry band of Czars doing their best to “fundamentally transform America” I’m betting on the former scenario!

Personally, what I know of Obama and The Democrats I’m guessing they want America to go over the fiscal cliff. Afterall, we have an uneducated, disinterested electorate who for the most part still blames George W. Bush instead of Obama and The Democratic congress that presided during W’s last two years of his presidency for our financial mess. As a result, the political fallout for Obama will be minimal. Let’s face it Obama and The Democrats love tax revenue and if we go over the cliff they get to raise taxes on everyone! Moreover, today’s leftist Democrat Party has utter disdain for our military so they will gleefully cut it to levels not seen since World War I. Finally, after going over the cliff the narcissist Obama can come to our Nation’s rescue by implementing The Obama Tax Cuts (let’s call them Obamacuts which sounds so much better than those nasty Bush Tax Cuts)! Of course the Obama plan will most likely not include the top income groups or job creators. Why pass up on an opportunity for class warfare and wealth re-distribution comrades!

As 2013 nears we find ourselves a Nation with so many questions, will Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid ever pass a budget as he’s constitutionally mandated to do? What freedoms will statist dictator Michael Bloomberg scheme to take away from the über liberal, high brow intellectual folk inhabiting New York City? How many executive orders will The President sign each new order making our Constitution less relevant? And finally, will Republicans ever learn how to outmaneuver Democrats? As the very funny Greg Gutfeld said The Democrats are to politics what convicts in prison are to making shivs. In politics, Republicans always end up with the shiv in the back from the hands of Democrats wondering what the hell happened!!!

When will We The People wake up from this madness?…

Some people who are superstitious are fearful of 2013, I say bring it on! Afterall, can 2013 be any worse than 2012 a year that brought about the re-election of the most leftist, progressive, radical to inhabit The White House since the original father of progressivism and disdain for The Constitution, Woodrow Wilson? Can 2013 be any worse than all of the scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the ensuing coverup and the media’s blind compliance in acting as a mouthpiece for this lawless, corrupt administration!

Where have all the investigative journalists gone? I suggest CNN, MSNBC and the network news teams pool their resources and form WNN The Whitehouse News Network. A 24-7 News agency reporting nothing but Obama propaganda to the people. An American version of Pravda if you will! Afterall, these “news” organizations were fully in the tank for Obama going back to 2007 before he was even known on a national level. They failed to vet him, gave him a pass through his entire first term, and did everything in their power to help him defeat Romney. The current White House Press Corps. consists of a cast of lovestruck drones reminiscent of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert! With exception to Ed Henry and Jake Tapper everyone in that room should be ashamed of themselves for refusing to ask Obama a probing question let alone challenge him with a follow-up when he’s caught shall we say stretching the truth.

I say we just stop this charade of the news media pretending to be a legitimate source of information for the people. We can take it a step further and allow WNN to receive taxpayer funding, after all it fits into this President’s form of crony capitalism which was a cornerstone of his first term. Yes, if you’re a friend of Obama’s than your company deserves to be picked as one of the “winners” in The Obama Economy! Certainly, you shouldn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else! No your special, special like Jeffrey Immelt and Warren Buffett.

In all seriousness, 2012 kicked us conservatives hard. My friends the grieving period is over, we must fight harder than ever before, not dwell on our defeat but double up our efforts and refuse to abandon our conservative principles.

If I said it once I’ve said it one thousand times The Establishment Republican Party is part of the problem and Speaker Boehner must be replaced! He’s doing his best to diminish the influence of Tea Party conservatives which gave him the speakership in the first place! We cannot, and will not stand for this type of leadership from The Democrats let alone people in our own party!

Furthermore, regardless of what Karl Rove and Ann Coulter profess, Mitt Romney was not a conservative candidate! We sacrificed our principles went along with the establishment and lost to a flawed candidate with a terrible record! We now have to endure four more years of rule by executive fiat, circumventing The Constitution, and dare I say it the possible appointment of additional extreme leftist Supreme Court Justices which will alter our social landscape for decades!

We The People must fight progressives on the local front too! I urge you to get active in local issues affecting your community. Educate yourself on the danger of UN Agenda 21 and how it is being implemented on the local level through an organization called ICLEI. I guarantee they are active in your community operating under the guise of “sustainable development” and saving the environment for future generations. In fact, it’s an insidious plan to control our sovereign property rights by The United Nations.

There is much to be done my friends, stay strong and keep fighting the good fight!

About John Conrad

World travelled conservative fed up with lies from the main stream media. Anti-Statism, Anti-Progressive, Anti-Sharia. We Must Reverse The Course The Country Is On! Choose Liberty Over Tyranny! Follow me on Twitter; @JohnnyBKK67


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"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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