Angry Democrat Representative- Elect

Newly elected Democrat state Representative Phillip Archuleta (D- Dist. 36), will soon be representing thousands of New Mexicans in Santa Fe after beating his Republican rival by about five hundred votes.

A college student approached him election night Mr. Archuleta had a very clear message for the young man– no rosy words here…actually he is quite vulgar.  Not only flipping the young man off, but including some ‘choice’ words which were threatening. Finally  a campaign supporter of Mr. Archuleta’s stepped in front of the student’s camera so her candidate couldn’t do anything further to embarrass himself.

If this is the kind of leadership we are sending to represent us at our state’s capitol, it is obvious that voters are not doing what is best for all of us.

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Christian. Republican. Conservative. Love History and Government. Fiercely political. Peace if possible, truth at all costs. - Martin Luther


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