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‘Undocumented Lawyer’ Movement Underway to Help Illegal Aliens Obtain Law Licenses

In addition to illegal immigrants in the U.S. obtaining driver’s licenses, taxpayer-subsidized college educations and backdoor amnesty, there is now a nationwide push for the right of illegal immigrants to practice law.

The DREAM Bar Association has been lobbying every state in the union to grant law licenses to illegal aliens. This nonprofit organization got its name from the controversial DREAM Act, which would provide a path to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as children. It also compels states to give discounted tuition to illegal immigrants enrolled in public colleges and universities.

But, as Judicial Watch aptly notes, the right to practice law in this country has always been a privilege. Is it reasonable to extend to people, who have already violated the law by being in this country,  the right to practice law?

Even so, the DREAM Bar Association does not, apparently, want to be distracted by such pesky matters as the law.  The organization’s mission to produce a deployment of illegal alien attorneys has gained momentum. The DREAM Bar Association is continuing its campaign, in all 50 states, to have legislation passed and rules promulgated in order to ensure the creation of these “undocumented lawyers.”

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One thought on “‘Undocumented Lawyer’ Movement Underway to Help Illegal Aliens Obtain Law Licenses

  1. One things for absolutely sure the more welfare you hand out, the more illegal aliens want? Another amnesty of any form will just draw more people into this country, wrecking the fabric of the once American Dream. The people who are elected very few care about the average worker, as they are isolated from the humdrum existence within the city streets. We saw this when they excused themselves from doing literary nothing about the 16 trillion treasury mess and prefer to print paper money that is rapidly becoming worthless. We could save America from its downfall by throwing out the incumbents in Congress and build a new party exhibited as the TEA PARTY. We could save our country if President Obama and his crazy environmentalists gave the go ahead to drill for the abundance of oil, natural gas and stop intimidating the coal companies, which have spent millions to produce a cleaner product. The wealthy job creators, small business are weighed down with catastrophic reams of new rules, as if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is complicit with the Chinese and Russia? This country cannot exist on just windmills, solar panels as his cronies see it. Hasn’t the taxpayer been deceived enough by Washington in spending billions, that have already gone bankrupt in the green industry? Even STEM labor (Scientists, Technology, Engineers and Math) is very controversial, as the visas are abused, with hundreds of thousands of less skillful are allowed into this country.

    The estimate of mediocre immigrants is something over a million a year, whose entry is adroitly manipulated by attorneys and employers. If that isn’t enough competition for the U.S. job market the Democrats think we should accept the itinerant populace from other countries who cannot speak English and rely on public welfare to exist. If agriculture needs more workers there must be an acceptable requirement of a well-oiled, regulated orderly “Guest Worker” program with an emphasis on returning home after their contract runs out. If this sovereign nation must accept a new revised immigration reform, the frontier states, its citizens and the rest of the 50 states must be guaranteed a secure border, from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California with the double layer fence as enacted but played down, unfunded in 2006. Employers who dishonestly work the immigrant system, either legal or illegal must be prosecuted. That all tourists and other visa over-stays must be tracked, then detained and held accountable with prison time.

    What more can either political party lie about, then the insistence that they have made our border secure against the drug dealers, foreign terrorists and illegal immigration? Just plain old liars when the majority of Americans have trusted their word about securing the border. You can bet that whatever the Republicans or Liberal Progressives (Democrats) spill out their deceiving mouths is just another bunch of more deception. There has never been any intention in sealing the border between the other impoverished Americas and United States, otherwise entering would be a felony, or the fact that the children smuggled into America would never get automatic citizenship, leading to the Dream Act? Then again millions of U.S. citizens are still jobless, while millions of immigrants are employed. Personally I wouldn’t trust either party, as the rhetoric is all they seem to know. Very few believe in the “Rule of Law” and honest policies led by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. There oath of allegiance is like wax slipping between their greedy fingers. The only chance we had was the national TEA PARTY of moderate Conservatives and now with President Obama back in power, we are leaning towards a Socialist country, with Communist undertones. Under Obama Czars this country is full steam ahead for more entitlements, more free stuff, more spending.

    It seems like Americans have less rights than either illegal aliens or those who overstay their visas, who have no intentions of returning home. I have since learned that President Obama is in collusion with the Mexican government to just distribute food stamps. It is outrageous when we cannot feed all of our own people, so why has this leader giving out USDA food stamps without any restrictions? I think this country is heading for a European type regime and therefore it will not take long before their will be revolts in the streets as Greece and Spain.

    We now have a far leftist group which is pressing to take the “I” out of illegal aliens. They can strain their vocal chords until they struggle for their air, but as far as I am concerned, foreigners who came here and disrespected our law and under my watch they are, and will remain ILLEGAL ALIENS. Not undocumented immigrants, but Illegal aliens who cheated the thousands of people who came here in the correct manner. For Me and my family I have my pensions from years of good gainful work, but I refuse any more to pay for millions of illegal aliens coming here—having lots of babies—an expecting taxpayers as myself to pay for it all? My opinion is that during these previous elections, there were perhaps millions of non citizens committing voter fraud, because it was only in states with no need for possessing picture ID, which the voting was monstrously for Obama’s mob. You will never convince me of any solution until we have official mandatory Social Security card, with a thumbprint or retinal scan?

    It’s a win-win situation so America in safeguarding against theft of U.S. citizenship jobs, for voting and a whole laundry list of possibilities? The complaint from opponents is that a national identification card would be a violation of our civil liberties, costing billions to provide doesn’t hold water? Simply put it is a step upwards of our basic social security number, with biometric data and would be a lot safer against identity theft and would save over time far more than several billion dollars. California pays out more than that dollar sum annually, for illegal aliens according to the Department of human Services. The Democratic assembly in this Sanctuary state has denied its legal population, the serious deficit that is a constant and still growing. The $$$ figure these leftist lawmakers spell out is far from the truth and are moving money around like dominoes, to make the treasury meltdown look good.

    Posted by Dave Francis | November 25, 2012, 7:25 pm

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