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Musings On America 2012

America has decided and their decision has spoken volumes about the state of our country, America 2012.

America, a country that was once inhabited by Pilgrims who survived an arduous journey against all odds settling here to escape religious persecution, is now a land whose inhabitants cheerfully re-elect a president who attacks religious institutions by forcing them to provide services against the tenets of their faith.

America, a country that always believed in hard work and self reliance as a way to get ahead now suffers from envy of those successful and want what they feel they have a right to. Our thought process has changed from being the “land of equal opportunity to the land of equal outcome.”

We conservatives thought the choice was obvious between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Afterall, Obama had a record to run on and it was dismal; 7.9% unemployment, 1 in 6 in poverty, record levels of food stamp recipients, rising inflation, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, nearly 6 trillion new debt, and on and on and on…Any clear thinking person would think the only direction FORWARD Obama was taking us was forward over the cliff. Furthermore, Obama had no vision for his second term other than a double down of his failed disastrous policies implemented the first time around.

I live in a district were you had a fiscal conservative Stephen Labate, who served 2 tours in Iraq 1 in Afghanistan, still has Pentagon clearance and is a family man working as a financial planner. His opponent career politician Steve Israel. Mr. Labate received endorsements from Steve Forbes and Rudy Giuliani yet he loses to an absolute dirtbag because New York is so damn liberal. Israel, as reported in Steve Emerson’s The Investigative Project on Terrorism, recently co-sponsored a secret fundraising event with Nancy Pelosi that included members of CAIR a HAMAS linked Islamic terrorist organization with offices throughout the USA.  As I reported in a previous article CAIR were unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism funding case of our nation’s history 1997’s Holy Land Foundation vs. United States.  The sole purpose of this event was to raise cash to support candidates running against  Michelle Bachmann, Allen West, and conservative candidates who are fighting against the Islamization of America. An absolute disgrace that sickens me to my very core!

So my fellow Americans What The Hell Happened?????

Apparently, Americans voted for free stuff over freedom! America 2012 believes in a top down government controlled central planning society without realizing the ramifications of their decision.  Yes my friends elections have consequences. I shudder to think what America will look like four years from now knowing that Obama has the “flexibility” he so desperately craved to implement his Marxist Agenda full throttle.

The so-called experts are now attacking Romney and the way his campaign was run. If they are blaming him on November 7th why didn’t they have the courage to come out and say something before the election as to what Team Romney was doing wrong?

Others claim that The GOP needs to reach out to Black and Hispanic voters. My response to that is we don’t need to change our conservative principles to attract minorities, we need to be better skilled at explaining our message to The American People. We also need to fight like our opposition.  They fight dirty and so should we.  They are relentless while we back off and take the high road.  If this election taught us one thing Obama won by destroying his opponent and by having a better ground game.  We were saying this is the most important election of our lifetime and when it’s all said and done many more stayed home and decided not to vote than they did four years ago!  The sad fact of the matter is had Romney received the amount of votes McCain got four years ago he would now be President-elect Romney!

Personally, I believe The GOP as a party has a big problem. The GOP has done it’s best to marginalize the best and brightest people that we have on our side while promoting the safe candidates through the ranks. I’ve gained a great deal of respect for Mitt Romney the man but let’s face it he’s not a true conservative.  Romney was another big government guy that The GOP has supported since the last true conservative Ronald Reagan. For crying out loud some top members of the GOP were clamoring that they had a great candidate in Dick Luger and it was a shame that he lost in the primary!!!

It sickens me that Allen West is going through this recount nonsense in Florida and Michelle Bachmann barely won her election by 2,500 votes.  This is largely in part because Reince Priebus and The GOP turned their backs on these courageous Americans who fight on our behalf everyday. The GOP donated $0 money to Bachmann’s campaign. That’s right zero, zip, zilch, NOTHING to help her get re-elected! One of the most courageous people The GOP has in The House of Representatives who has been specifically targeted by Nancy Pelosi and Preibus leaves her hanging out to dry!!! Further sickening is that a couple of months ago Priebus was on Mark Levin’s radio program and was specifically asked about Bachmann needing help.  The response from Priebus was that The GOP would be there for her…

I ask you who are the best and brightest politicians across the land? If you ask me it’s people like Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Allen West, and Jeff Flake to name a few. Can you figure out what the common denominator is in all of these politicians?

If the GOP is not willing to support true conservatives who are serious and want to truly tackle the critical issues facing the country than perhaps it’s time for a 3rd Party Tea Party or Conservative Party to take center stage. Perhaps we can have a true conservative voice such as Mark Levin in charge.

In any event, America the worst is yet to come.  Similar to a drug addict or an alcoholic perhaps we as a nation need to hit rock bottom before we can heal and rebuild.  One thing I know the ones duped by Obama, the ones whose eyes are closed to all the compelling evidence right in front of them are lost souls. It is up to us to remain vigilant, to question authority, and to prepare for the coming economic crisis which will make the last four years look like a bull market.

We will be the ones that will be self-reliant not dependent on government when the destructive policies of Barack Obama come home to roost.  I for one am planning on getting my affairs in order and getting out of New York as quickly as I can. I wish to be surrounded by like minded people not moronic liberal drones who have no idea what’s fast approaching!

About John Conrad

World travelled conservative fed up with lies from the main stream media. Anti-Statism, Anti-Progressive, Anti-Sharia. We Must Reverse The Course The Country Is On! Choose Liberty Over Tyranny! Follow me on Twitter; @JohnnyBKK67


2 thoughts on “Musings On America 2012

  1. Thank you John! I have to agree with your sentiments.The future for the GOP is not very exciting.

    Posted by Ben | November 11, 2012, 7:09 pm
  2. John, I too thought that the choice was obvious between Romney and Obama. I was nervous about the election but confident Romney would win. I gave too much credit to many Americans. I thought that there was a vast majority of Americans who would actually think about the implications of their votes. You said it best in one line…”that sickens me to my very core!”

    Posted by Cucciolo | November 14, 2012, 10:37 am

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