Abortion is political poison


There is no one more pro-life than I am. There is nothing about the horrific and evil practice of abortion I agree with and I wish mankind had not devolved to the point where it even became something that exists.

That being said, abortion is here, it is a political issue, and it is an issue that must be dealt with by all conservative candidates running for all offices and all who support them.

Someone posted on Twitter (yes I spend too much time there) this morning that they thought abortion should be removed from our platform entirely to avoid future conflict with pro-choice voters. Although this is not a terrible idea in it’s entirety, it is not, in my opinion, very good policy going forward either.

Pro-life conservatives do not need to check their morality at the door, pull punches, or try to dodge morally divisive issues to win in politics. But, we do need to be smart, consistent, and firm about how we handle them. In this regard, abortion is one of the biggest problems we face.

Abortion is, has always been, and will always be the equivalent of political poison. However, it has historically been a slow acting poison that many pro-life candidates have been able to tolerate and still have long and successful careers in public office, at least until now.

Until now we have been dealing with a different kind of opposition where disagreement without political self-destruction was possible but that all changed courtesy of a progressive media and Todd Akin. Although I disagreed with what Todd Akin said, I get where he was coming from and what he was trying to do. He was walking a political tightrope by clumsily attempting to make a very hardline view of abortion (similar to mine) mainstream enough to be acceptable and he fell off. Not only did he fall off, he fell to his political death and forever associated political abortion questions  with rape.

The progressive masses are arguably moronic but their operatives and complicit media are not. They added rape to the political poison of abortion and created an instantly lethal cocktail that will kill any conservative candidate that is dumb enough to drink from it.

Thanks to Akin, the “what about if a woman is raped?” Question is now a liberal weapon that will be used to destroy pro-life conservatives which will work unless we know what to say.

Conservatives need to make it crystal clear that Roe v. Wade is never going to go away, ever. Yes this sucks, yes this is sad, and yes I wish it would but it won’t, no matter who is president and who is in Congress. The right for women to kill their babies is as secure as it ever was and there is nothing any conservative can ever do to change it.

As far as the rape question goes, conservatives must say, in no uncertain terms, that they do not, in any way, condone, support, or defend anyone who tells a woman who has been raped or is a victim of incest that they will be forced to carry a baby to term.  If you believe that women should be forced to have rape/incest babies, you will never be elected and there is no way to spin this stance to make it anything less than repulsive.

As with anything, bad behavior cannot be legislated away. We tried it with alcohol and the result was organized crime, we have criminalized drugs and it hasn’t worked, prostitution, murder, theft, rape, tax evasion, drunk driving, speeding…When has the criminalization of a anything ever eliminated it? Abortion will always be legal here, we need to deal with that fact.

If we want to reduce abortion it has to be done through churches, media, schools, parents, and through counter attacks (messaging not violence, just to be clear) on abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Long story short, we can be adamantly apposed to abortion personally and object to others who chose this abhorrent option. But, to make any statement that even suggests that we will deny others this legal freedom when political suicide is the likely outcome is misguided and stupid. Especially when the right, however sickening, is here to stay.

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2 thoughts on “Abortion is political poison

  1. Very interesting take. You’re right. It is sad that the right to kill is here to stay. How sad that the desire to defend the defenseless is ridiculed and attacked as evil. How incredible is it that there is a large enough portion of our society that abortion is even a national debate. At most, abortion should be something a radical fringe group is lobbying for…not a legal right that half the country is defending and even expand. Sad.

    Posted by Cucciolo | November 14, 2012, 10:46 am
  2. My cousin planned her baby and then aborted it once she wanted to go to a party and drink :'(
    she told everyone she miscarried even made up an elaborate storyline for days on end getting sympathy and tears then let it slip when she was drunk. Murder is Murder and life is a life no matter how small !!

    Posted by Bre | November 17, 2012, 10:26 am

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