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The Rabid Left-Wing Attack Machine

Lisa Haggerty

The left has now gone mad. Like a scary werewolf horror-film, the left has turned into a rabid, untamed, unleashed, barking and howling team of attack-dogs.

Mitt Romney proved his genius in picking Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Paul Ryan is a young, articulate, sharp, intelligent, likeable, family-man without a single flaw.

The Obama campaign and his left-wing goons had already sunk to an all-time low in American campaign history. Now we know they were just getting started.

I thought they couldn’t get any lower when Obama continued to blame Bush, despite being three years into his presidency with failed policies and broken promises. I thought they couldn’t get any lower when they created ads showing a Paul Ryan look-a-like pushing an old granny off a cliff. I thought they couldn’t get any lower when Harry Reid blatantly lied on the Senate floor when he said he heard Mitt Romney does not pay taxes from an “anonymous source.” I thought they couldn’t get any lower when Nancy Pelosi called the Republican Party the “E-Coli Club.” I thought it couldn’t get any lower when Priorities USA, an Obama super-PAC, created an ad suggesting that Mitt Romney killed a woman.

Paul Ryan proved they can get worse. Immediately after the VP-pick was announced, the liberal media began the attacks and lies. Case in point, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell instantly professed, “this is not a choice for the suburban mom.” Later, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien broke her journalism integrity by loyally defending Obamacare and spitting out typical liberal talking points, despite the fact that it actually strips $717 billion from Medicare. The worst of these fanatical left-wingers is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was owned by Wolf Blitzer this week when she would not stop lying about Ryan’s budget plan.

As soon as Romney’s wonderful VP-pick walked out on the USS Wisconsin, the Obama twitter account began spurring lies about Ryan’s budget plan and his viewpoints. The attack machine tried to scare women, seniors, young voters and everyone in between.

On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Nancy Pelosi attacked Paul Ryan for going to the gym! How pathetic and desperate, when the worst you can say about your opponent is that he likes the gym. “Breaking News: New polls show that Obama has an incredible lead over Romney in the couch potato vote!”

Conservatives have an uphill battle. Progressives will continue to attack out of their obvious fear of the Romney/Ryan ticket. Ryan has brought out the true colors of the left. Now it is up to us conservatives to show the middle-of-the-road Americans and Independents just how irrational the left-wing is and how conservatism is the only path to common sense.

About Lisa Haggerty

Lisa is a law student, living in Philadelphia, PA. She is a constitutional conservative, a tea party enthusiast, an NRA member, an animal lover and a Phillies fan. Lisa is a contributor on Red Pill Report, http://redpillreport.net/author/lisamariehaggerty and a contributor to the Open Mic Show with Mike Assad which broadcasts on WIBG The Talk of South Jersey every Saturday morning, 8-10am and online at openmicshow.net.


2 thoughts on “The Rabid Left-Wing Attack Machine

  1. Excellent article! I was unsure about who I wanted as Mitt’s VP choice, but the reaction from the left has proven that Paul Ryan was, and is, the right choice. This ticket is untouchable when it comes to their personal lives so the fact that the left has to resort to lies and mudslinging can only help in the recruitment of independents and undecideds.

    Posted by Rob | August 20, 2012, 1:31 pm
  2. Loved this post! The irony of the cartoon is astounding. It is a perfect picture of our current political culture and mainstream media. I wish I could make sure every American read and saw it. Thank you for your excellent article on Red Pill Report! It is our new favorite site.

    Posted by Janessa | August 21, 2012, 12:20 am

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