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Progressive Doctrine: “One man; one vote. One illegal immigrant, fake person, unregistered voter, criminal; as many votes as you want!”

Lisa Haggerty

Voter fraud almost always swings in favor of Democrats. The fact that Democrats are so content with voter fraud, i.e. ballots cast by illegal immigrants, fake people, unregistered voters, and double-voters proves, once again, just how corrupt this party is.

My state of Pennsylvania is one of twelve states that have passed a law requiring voters to show ID at the polls. Progressive groups including the ACLU and NAACP have brought the law to court, arguing that the voter ID law violates section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because it discriminates against minorities, seniors, and the poor who may not have access to the proper ID.

These progressives claim that voter ID laws upset the integrity of the very important civil rights issue of voting. But who are they kidding here? If they really cared about the integrity of voting, they should be most concerned with voter fraud, as conservatives are. If they really wanted the voting process to be taken seriously, they should first and foremost want to uphold the doctrine of “one person, one vote” to ensure fairness, equality, and candor in the voting process.

The “one man, one vote” doctrine is impossible to uphold when many voters turn out to be illegal aliens, fake people, unregistered voters and voters who cast a ballot more than once. Yet, of course, the Democrats have no problems with any of the above since this crooked, unethical activity helps them, as most crooked, unethical behavior usually does help Democrats. In fact, I believe this must have been the “Chicago values” that Rahm Emmanuel referred to in his comment regarding Chick-Fil-A…

In my city of Philadelphia, City Commissioner Al Schmidt released a detailed report last month of several specific instances of voter irregularities within the city. He investigated only a portion of the city’s electorate but nevertheless found hundreds of instances of voter irregularities. A few examples include twenty-three unregistered voters who still got access to a voting machine in the 2012 primary, votes by members of one party which were cast in the other, and votes cast by fake persons including a “Joseph Cheeseboro” in 1990 and “Joseph Cheeseborough” in 2003, whose place of residence was a 7-11 store.

Philadelphia is not even close to being alone. Nationwide, voter fraud is often found to be the difference between one candidate or another. One instance: it is now almost certain that Al Franken won his Minnesota Senatorial seat through voter fraud. Voter fraud in many cases can actually decide an election. It is that powerful.

The left protects this activity, though, because fraudulent and dishonest votes typically go in their favor! These sleezeball progressives call this a civil rights issue, since voting is a constitutional right. Several other constitutional rights require ID such as marrying, purchasing a gun (2nd Amendment), and purchasing alcohol (21st amendment). ID is required for almost everything imaginable. I worked as a librarian in a poor neighborhood. Although access to our books, computers, facilities and resources was free, we still required ID for a person to sign up for a library card. Many members were part of the poor and minority populations the progressive claim are being hurt by the voter ID law, yet oddly enough, never in my four years did one person fail to show ID for a library card.

Voting is a precious right. We should want to show ID to cast a ballot so we know our right is truly being protected. Anything less than that just smells suspicious and untrustworthy. Democrats, you cannot claim to protect American voting rights yet also aggressively protect voter fraud. The two concepts are the antithesis of each other. Ladies and gentleman, this issue is Democratic hypocrisy at its finest. Now who really wants to be in a political party that feels like they need voter fraud to stay relevant? I pray to God the PA voter ID law and voter ID laws being challenged in other states are upheld because otherwise, liberal fascism will take over our sacred American voting system and destroy our right to vote as we know it.


About Lisa Haggerty

Lisa is a law student, living in Philadelphia, PA. She is a constitutional conservative, a tea party enthusiast, an NRA member, an animal lover and a Phillies fan. Lisa is a contributor on Red Pill Report, and a contributor to the Open Mic Show with Mike Assad which broadcasts on WIBG The Talk of South Jersey every Saturday morning, 8-10am and online at


4 thoughts on “Progressive Doctrine: “One man; one vote. One illegal immigrant, fake person, unregistered voter, criminal; as many votes as you want!”

  1. Red Pill Report is excited to welcome Lisa Haggerty to the team! Lisa is a law student at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. It’s great to see such common sense conservatism among our college students, and you’ll want to pay attention to Lisa because you can bet she’s going places in her career.

    Lisa also posts to her own blog at Make sure you follow her on Twitter: @Lisa_Haggerty

    Posted by Red Pill Report | August 7, 2012, 10:09 am
  2. excellent article! Well put! We couldn’t agree more! Thank you!

    Posted by LDH/LMH | August 7, 2012, 2:30 pm
  3. It should be embarrassing for them that they fight against this simple way to assure honesty. It makes them look as guilty as they probably are.

    Posted by Gladys Evans | August 7, 2012, 6:22 pm

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