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Pro-Choice…But Anti-Abortion?? Nice Try!

What about my choice?

I’m personally against grand theft auto…but I believe in the right of others to decide for themselves whether or not they want to steal cars.  I wouldn’t do it myself, but I believe it should be safe and legal for anyone who makes that choice.  Ok, so if someone steals a car…someone else is out a car.  I get it.  But who am I to take away the choice of the person who feels he needs the car worse than the owner?

I’m personally against rape…but I don’t want to impose my moral views on others who may think rape is just fine, so I support a man’s right to choose whether or not he rapes a woman.  I’d never rape anyone myself…but who am I to decide what is right and wrong for someone else?  Sure, I understand there’s a victim in rape.  But I’m standing for the choice of the perpetrator!

I’m personally against murder…but I won’t judge others who decide that murdering someone is their best option.  After all, their quality of life might be much better if they kill someone who annoys them.  Or perhaps the person they choose to murder is standing in the way of a huge career opportunity.  I would never want to stand in the way of someone’s opportunity to be everything she could be.  I realize the murdered person probably doesn’t want to be dead, but it’s not his choice.  It’s the choice of the person whose life will be improved by the elimination of the victim.

Preposterous?  Insane?  Really?

Yes…I’m talking to those of you who claim to be against abortion, yet you support a “woman’s right to choose.”  Do you believe this makes you more open-minded than the crazy zealots who cry out for the protection of the unborn?  Do you think this makes you more reasonable…more mainstream?

Nonsense!  I believe it makes you ignorant.  What it says about you is that you are a weak-minded, moral jellyfish who craves the approval of the finger-pointing cult of death above doing the right thing.  Nice work caving to the pressure to fit in.  Great job!  Way to stand up strong for your beliefs.

I’m fed up with the advocates of baby-butchering framing the debate.  I’m tired of the cowards that hide behind the euphemism for killing called “choice.”  You are either for the legal killing of unborn babies, or you’re against it.  There is no middle ground.

Pro-Life means you believe in the sanctity of every human life…even those who are not yet born.  Pro-Choice means you are for keeping it legal to violently end those same innocent lives.

But “choice” is a good thing, isn’t it?  Who can argue that choice is bad?  After all, free people have choices.  Enslaved people do not.

Just consider for a moment exactly what “choice” you are advocating.  The only two choices in this debate are… Kill the baby or Don’t kill the baby.  The choice to become pregnant was made weeks or even months ago…so unless you advocate the killing of an innocent child, that choice is off the table.  If you oppose the killing of unborn babies, you are not pro-choice, you are pro-life. You are against abortion.  On the other hand, if you are for keeping it legal to kill unborn babies, you are pro-abortion…period!  You are advocating for the right of women to have innocent, unborn children killed, and by so doing…you are denying the unborn child the choice to live, which actually makes you ‘anti-choice.’

In an abortion, there is a perpetrator and there is a victim…just like there is in most crimes.  In almost every criminal act, the perpetrator is making a choice…and by making that choice, the victim is deprived of choice.

  • If you make a choice to steal someone’s money, the victim no longer has the choice to have that money.
  • If you make a choice to hit someone in the head with a baseball bat, you have deprived the victim of the choice to live without trauma to the head.
  • If you make a choice to murder someone, you have taken away that person’s right to choose life.

But if abortion isn’t legal, women are still going to have abortions—but now they’ll have unsafe abortions. (This is where they make the ridiculous reference to a coat hanger)   We need to ensure women have access to safe and legal abortions.

Ok…then let’s make sure car thieves have access to safe and legal crime scenes.  Even if car theft is illegal, people are still going to steal cars…so we need to ensure they can do it safely.  We don’t want the victim of the crime defending his property now, do we?  The perpetrator could get injured, or worse…killed!

The reality is…unborn babies are the innocent victims of abortion.  When a woman makes the choice to end her pregnancy, we can never forget the fact that she is taking away the right of a living human being to choose life.  It’s just too bad the innocent unborn children on their way to be butchered don’t have a way to defend themselves.  Then again…the unborn child’s defender is supposed to be the mother who is in the process of exercising her “right to choose.”


7 thoughts on “Pro-Choice…But Anti-Abortion?? Nice Try!

  1. EXCELLENT POST. Your examples are perfect and anyone should be able to understand what is right and what is wrong. You are correct, there is no middle ground. We are either on the side of human decency or we are on the side depravity.

    Posted by LMH | June 19, 2012, 6:18 pm
  2. Very well put! I’ll add one thought I have been saying for a long time. we are all pro choice, it’s just that we stop at number 7 or sooner they stop at number 8 death. There are 7choices the couple have to prevent the pregnancy. I feel since they make such bad choices they have no right in the eight choice, death. Here’s a poem I wrote when I was 12
    I will live n grow
    And might not know
    That my little life
    Almost wasn’t so
    But if I’ld find out
    I’m sure I’ld say
    Thank You! For supporting me
    So I could be here today

    Posted by Chuck purtscher | August 19, 2012, 9:40 pm
    • Great points, Chuck. The Pro-aborts have hijacked the term “Choice” for their own purposes. We all know choice is a good thing. The problem is…the point at which they are exercising their ‘choice’ kills another human life, and that’s not OK.

      Thanks for the response…and for sharing that poignant poem. Sounds like you were a clear-thinking 12-year-old.

      Posted by Red Pill Report | August 19, 2012, 9:46 pm
  3. Reblogged this on amandakmelson and commented:
    Excellent commentary on the hypocrisy of “I think abortion is wrong. I’d certainly never have one. But you shouldn’t to take away a woman’s right to choose.”

    Posted by 1greeneyedgal | December 6, 2012, 7:39 am
  4. I’m curious about your view on abortion in cases of rape or incest… I’ll withhold my own opinion (and I definitely have one) until I’ve heard from you.

    Posted by 1greeneyedgal | December 6, 2012, 7:43 am
    • With all sensitivity to the victims of the horrible crimes of rape and incest (and they are incredibly sad and grievous crimes), I just don’t see how killing a baby that results does anything to repair the damage done to the victim.

      If anything, aborting the baby only adds one more deep, emotional wound to one who has just been dealt one of the most traumatic emotional injuries imaginable.

      Statistically, the suicide rate among rape & incest victims is much higher for those who abort the resulting baby than for those who chose not to make two victims out of the tragedy.

      My heart goes out to rape and incest victims. But my deepest respect and appreciation goes to those who endure such a tragedy, and choose to do the right thing for the human life that resulted.

      I realize this is a sensitive issue, and that reasonable people can disagree on this aspect of the abortion argument. But this is my personal opinion…and I feel like the victims will be able to heal much better if they show respect for another human life…even though they weren’t shown respect by their perpetrator.

      Posted by Red Pill Report | December 10, 2012, 7:20 pm

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